"Those elves who are strong of arm and prepared to fight enemies face to face become Arethi Spearmen. That is a great privilege and responsibility, for Spearmen are usually the first unit seen by the enemy, and by their appearance our enemies judge our entire Order. This is why Spearmen should always be clean shaven, his hair should be washed and combed, and his spear and shield must be smooth as glass."

- From "Servants of the Truth", by High Keeper Teyaran the Rigorous

Unit Details

Common Fighters



Base Perks

  • Son of Areth: Resistance: +20 Elemental Magic, +20 Death Magic.
  • Elven Armor: Resistance: +25 Melee, +30 Missile
  • Fiery Attack: Damage: +50% Elemental Magic
  • Scout: Sight range: +1


Melee 25
Missile 30
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 20
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 20

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