"Mysterious and unknown - 'tis the very nature of Avatars of the Gods. But their power is immense!"
(From "The Overall Description of Everything" by Master Alfus Bumblegate)

Unit Details

Divine archer


Krolm's Call

  • Summons: Blade Masters
  • Cooldown: 4
  • "Summons a unit of Blademasters to the selected hex."

Voice of Krolm

  • Summons: Krolm's Housecarls
  • Cooldown: 4
  • "Summons a unit of Krolm's Housecarls to the selected hex."

Base perks

  • Avatar: +75 to all resistances. Regeneration: +50. Can see invisible units. Sight Range: +2. Unit can walk on water. Immune to banes.
  • Unhindered: Passability: Poor, Dense, Hilly, Dense and Hilly
  • First Strength: Damage: +50% Death Magic, +50% Spirit Magic


Melee 75
Missile 75
Life Magic 175
Death Magic 75
Spirit Magic 75
Elemental Magic 75

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