"Mysterious and unknown - 'tis the very nature of Avatars of the Gods. But their power is immense!"
(From "The Overall Description of Everything" by Master Alfus Bumblegate)

Unit Details

Divine magic caster


Krypta's Call

  • Summons: Sisters of Krypta
  • Cooldown: 4
  • "Summons a unit of Sisters of Krypta to the selected hex."

Voice of Krypta

  • Summons: Ancient Liches
  • Cooldown: 4
  • "Summons a unit of Ancient Liches to the selected hex."

Base perks

  • Avatar: +75 to all resistances. Regeneration: +50. Can see invisible units. Sight Range: +2. Unit can walk on water. Immune to banes.
  • Unhindered: Passability: Poor, Dense, Hilly, Dense and Hilly
  • Power of Death: Damage: +50% Death Magic, +50% Spirit Magic


Melee 75
Missile 75
Life Magic 175
Death Magic 75
Spirit Magic 75
Elemental Magic 75

Special Notes

Apparently, the easiest Avatar to defeat. When fighting against her, you obviously have +100 reputation with Agrela which gives you "Death Magic Immunity" spell. So the biggest part of Avatar's damage will be blocked. You also have access to Dauros "Magic Shield" spell that blocks nasty healing bane.
This Avatar can do literally nothing against Spirits of Life buffed with Death Magic Immunity. The fight becomes a joke.

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