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"Cave bears have long been extinct. Full skeletons can be seen only in few private collections. According to legend, these beasts are unthinkably strong and tough: they can withstand the strike of a troll's club, and answer with a stroke that would break the unlucky troll's backbone."
(From "The Overall Description of Everything" by Master Alfus Bumblegate)

Unit Details

Supreme fighter


Bear's Roar:

  • Damage: 33 Meleeicon
  • Bane: Bear's Roar
  • Area of effect: target plus the surrounding hexes
  • Cooldown: 3
  • Strength: 110%
  • Rejected damage bonuses: None
  • "Inflicts Melee damage and weakens all enemy units in range of action."

Base Perks

  • Beast: Resistance: -25 Missile. Defense bonus in forests. Bonus when attacking targets in a forest. Passability: dense.
  • Invulnerable Hide: Resistance: +75 Melee, +35 Missile, +50 Death Magic, +50 Elemental Magic, +50 Spirit Magic
  • True Fortitude: Immune to bane


Melee 75
Missile 10
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 50
Spirit Magic 50
Elemental Magic 50

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