"Those of the Incorporeal who have successfully finished Melee Training School get into the Sorcerers' Guild, where they are taught the most important skill - magic.

To obtain the Sorcerer's title every member of the Guild is required to undergo a three-year training course and successfully pass exams in such courses as 'Fundamentals of Elemental Magic', 'Higher Transmutation', 'History of Sorcerer Studies' and 'Introduction to Plane Studies', and create their own diploma spell."

(from "Chronicles of New Worlds" written by Master Vardies Teleran)

Unit Details

Advanced magic users


  • Call of Nature: Summons: Lightning Sphere. Cooldown: 4. Summons a Lightning Sphere to the selected hex.

Base Perks

  • Ethereal Body: Unit can walk on water. Passability: Poor. Resistance: +20 Meleeicon, +20 Rangedicon.
  • Life's Blessing: Resistance: +25 Elementalicon.


Melee 20
Missile 20
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 0
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 25

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