The most common type of damage in the game, and commonly found in Monster faction units.

  • Strong against ranged and caster units
  • Weak against armored units


The second most common damage type next to melee. Very important to have in an army very early in the game, but later in the game its importance fades to the more exotic damage types.

  • Strong against creatures
  • Weak against armored units, the undead, and casters

Elemental Magic

One of the hardest hitting and most important damage types early on. Resistances to are generally expensive, but become more common as a game progresses.


Life Magic

Typically found on Healers and paladins, and generally only useful against the undead.

  • Strong against the undead
  • Weak against living units

Death Magic

Typically found on Undead units, scouts and assassins.

  • Strong against living units
  • Weak against the undead, and Fire Elementals are completely immune

Spirit Damage

The rarest damage type in the game, but resists are equally rare, so it remains devastating throughout the entire game. Typically found on healers.

  • Strong against nearly everything

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