"Qualification requirements to obtain the title of a dwarf overcomer: 1) Loaded rock-car squat 3x20; 2) Descending a shaft carrying an empty rock car, 300 m; 3) Pick axe swings 50x100 with each hand; 4) Celing beam bench press, 2x5; 5) Empty rock-car deadlift, 3x5; 6) Loaded ore bucket arm curls, 5x20 each hand; 7) Pushing the loaded rock-car back to the surface, 300m. These qualification excercises must be repeated for no less than 8 hours, non-stop. It is recommended to guzzle a minimum of 10 liters of ale during the performance."

("Dwarven Olympic Program", 3rd ed.)

Unit Details

Elite siege unit



Base Perks

  • Excellent Armor: Resistance +60 Melee, +80 Missile
  • Highlander: Defense bonus in hills; Bonus when attacking targets on hills. Passability: Hilly.
  • Demolisher: Bonus when attacking cities and forts.
  • Mountain Blood: Resistance: +20 Elemental Magic, +10 Death Magic.


Can be recruited after building a Dwarven Settlement and a Training Course.

Upgrades from Dwarves.


Melee 60
Missile 80
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 10
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 20


City smasher. Level it up and buff with spells, and it can do even more than a hundred damage to a castle per turn. Solid hit points and resistances mean you can rush those dwarves into the front line and not worry much. If you're planning on conquest, it's very handy to have a few of these in your army.

Counter with magic or flying ships raining fire from above (the dwarves are powerless against them).

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