"Old Elpirister ... I warned him that staying in ghost form for a long time was harmful for his mind, and that any Mage who chose life after death would become a Lich. Too bad the old man was too stubborn to realize it ... When the United One appeared, he was the first to offer his obedience in exchange for the continuation of such 'life'. Why, with his experience in intrigues, didn't Elpiritster realize that the United One had no need of servants, that he has everything he ever wants, and that sooner or later, his lieutenants would simply become his shadows?... I've heard Elpiritster is still good with protective spells and if necessary can cover his colleague 'lieutenants'. Well ... Anyway he should have been released from this burden long ago." (from the notes of the Great Mage Miralbus Card)

See also: The United One (Warlock 2), Amberon the Dark (Warlock 2), Empress (Warlock 2), Tendral son of Vendral (Warlock 2), Elpiritster the Eternal (Warlock: Master of the Arcane)

Unit Details

Absolute magic caster


Mass Burn

  • Damage: 72 Elementalicon Magic
  • Bane: Damage per turn. The target unit will receive damage every turn. The extent of the damage and duration of the effect depend on the unit's generation level and resistance.
  • Range: 2
  • Area of Effect: target plus the surrounding hexes
  • Cooldown: 3
  • "Inflicts Elemental magic damage on all enemies in range and applies a bane that inflicts additional damage over time."

Mage Protection

  • Heals: 45 Elementalicon Damage
  • Blessing: Knowledge of Magic
  • Range: 5
  • Cooldown: 3
  • "Increases resistance to all types of damage of a unit that has a Protective Chant."

Base perks

  • Dead: Immune: Deathicon Magic. Resistance: -25 Lifeicon Magic. Cannot be healed by Lifeicon magic.
  • Spirit of the United One: +35 to all resistances. Regeneration: +15. Can see invisible units. Sight Range: +2. Unit can walk on water. Immune to banes.
  • Shield of Evil: Resistance: +30 Elementalicon Magic, +20 Deathicon Magic
  • Deadly Breath: Damage: +50% Deathicon Magic
  • Chant of Immortality: Giver of Immortality
  • Link of Death: Link of Death


Meleeicon Melee 35
Rangedicon Missile 35
Lifeicon Life Magic 10
Deathicon Death Magic Immune
Spiriticon Spirit Magic 35
Elementalicon Elemental Magic 65


Empress can resurrect and heal Elpiritster.

Elpiritster provides "Chant of Immortality" perk to Tendral, son of Vendral -- Amberon the Dark's "Power Stream" blessing gives an attack bonus to creatures with the Immortality perk.

Elpiritster's "Magic Protection" active ability increases resistance to all damage for creatures with a protective Chant: Amberon the Dark.

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