This is a pretty rare resource, and its value heavily depends on how early you find it... Elven Bungalow - 2 Gold Production Unit: Elven Archers This is a decent mid tier ranged unit, but the upkeep on them is quite harsh.  They have no resistances so they're fragile as hell, unlike the Monster and Undead ranged units.  They're very mobile in comparison however, especially in forests, much like Hunters/Rangers. Elven Shooting Grounds (Extension) - 4 Gold Upkeep Unit: Elven Sharpshooters This is an Extension structure, which means it requires the previous Elven Bungalow to already be built.  In addition, the town must also have a population size of at least 10.  While Elven Archers are nothing special, the upgraded Sharpshooters are highly destructive.  They are barely any more durable however, so care must be taken when using them. Because of the population requirement this unit can take a very long time to come online, too late oftentimes, so carefully consider how late the game is and how long it may go before aiming to build these. Blessing of Life and Prosperity will help. Casino - Gold Production +50% This is nothing amazing unless you can get it alongside of something like a Gold Mine or Trading Post.  Otherwise this is just a consolation prize if you find an Elven Village late game, as the Sharpshooters may come in too late to have an impact.

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