"A shrewish hag! But she is very strong indeed. Even without Krypta's support she can give anyone a lot of trouble, as she still can heal and reaise the undead." (from the notes of the Great Mage Miralbus Card)

See also: The United One (Warlock 2), Amberon the Dark (Warlock 2), Elpiritster the Eternal (Warlock 2), Tendral son of Vendral (Warlock 2), Empress (Warlock: Master of the Arcane)

Unit Details

Absolute magic caster


Healing through Death

  • Heals: 30 Deathicon
  • Range: 2
  • Cooldown: 4
  • "Heals the units that are Linked to Death."

Return to Life

  • Resurrect: Elpiritster the Eternal
  • Range: 4
  • Cooldown: 4
  • "Resurrects Elpiritster the Eternal."

Base perks

  • Spirit of the United One: +35 to all resistances. Regeneration: +15. Can see invisible units. Sight Range: +2. Unit can walk on water. Immune to banes.
  • Spirit Flame: Damage: +50% Spiriticon Magic
  • Shield of Evil: Resistance: +30 Elementalicon, +20 Deathicon
  • Link of Death: Link of Death


Meleeicon Melee 35
Rangedicon Missile 35
Lifeicon Life Magic 135
Deathicon Death Magic 55
Spiriticon Spirit Magic 35
Elementalicon Elemental Magic 65


Empress and Elpiritster the Eternal share "Link of Death" perk. Empress's "Healing through Death" active ability will heal both of them when used. Empress is also able to resurrect Elpiritster.

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