"It's hard to say anything special about Fade Sorcerers. After all, they're, well, clones. Though perhaps it's worth mentioning that Fade Sorcerers are almost as mighty as their 'parents', and, for some reason, they cannot stand the sight of any official documents."

(from "Chronicles of New Worlds" written by Master Vardies Teleran)

Unit Details

Elite magic casters


  • The Death Component: Inflicts Death magic damage on the target.
  • Lord of Lightning: Damage: 28 Elementalicon. Bane: Lighting Bomb. Range: 3. Cooldown: 3. Lightning Bomb: 6 Elementalicon per turn, 2 turns.

Base Perks

  • The Gift of Luna: Resistance: +35 Rangedicon, +15 Elementalicon. Can see invisible units.
  • Life's Blessing: Resistance: +25 Elementalicon
  • Excellent Armour: Resistance: +60 Meleeicon, +80 Rangedicon
  • Ethereal Body: Unit can walk on water. Passability: Poor. Resistance: +20 Meleeicon, +20 Rangedicon.
  • Summoned: Self-destructs unit, when the perk expires. Turns: 3


Melee 80
Missile 135
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 0
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 40

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