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Glyphs are enhancements that can be slotted into spells in your Great Mage spellbook to enhance a spell. Each spell has number of Glyph slots on it, from 0 to 3. A Glyph can later be removed from a spell after slotted, but the Glyph is lost and destroyed; it only frees up the slot for the spell to get a different Glyph.

Glyphs can be obtained from monster lairs as random loot or quest rewards.

Note that not all Glyph effects work the same way on all spells; for example, putting a Strikestone of the Elders on a Frost Weapon spell, will not give the target friendly unit the ability to stun, but will instead stun the target of the spell (the friendly unit). Many Glyph effects only affect direct-attack spells; a blessing/buff spell is not affected by Critical Chance, and Damage Additions, such as from Strikestone of Elements, likewise do not have the expected outcome because they affect the spell, not the blessing applied by the spell which is actually a separate entity in the form of a Perk. 

Glyphs table

Glyph NameStageEffects
Ancient Timestone 4 Cast time: -30%
Critical Chance: +10%
Cost: +25%
Power: -25%
Stone of Burning 3 Bane: Resistance -25 Deathicon, -25 Elementalicon
Power: -15%
Crystal of Power 2 Cast Time: +15%
Power: +25%
Strikestone of Death 2 Critical Chance: +15%
Adds: +10% Deathicon
Cost: +15%
Strikestone of Elements 1 Critical Chance: +10%
Adds: +10% Elementalicon
Cost: +10%
Mana Saver 2 Cost: -15%
Cast Time: +15%
Mana Veil 1 Cost: -7%
Power: -7%
Mystery of Power 4 Power: +35%
Critical Chance: +15%
Cost: +20%
Death Crystal 1 Adds: +20% Deathicon
Cast Time: +10%
Elemental Crystal 1 Adds: +20% Elementalicon
Cast Time: +10%
Life Crystal 2 Adds: +20% Lifeicon
Cast Time: +7%
Stone of Mystery 4 Adds: +15% Lifeicon
Adds: +15% Spiriticon
Cast Time: +10%
Critical Chance: +5%
Spirit Crystal 3 Adds: +15% Spiriticon
Critical Chance: +5%
Pure Power 1 Power: +15%
Cost: +7%
Cloud Timecrystal 1 Cast Time: -10%
Cost: +15%
Pure Timecrystal 3 Cast Time: -20%
Cost: +30%
Pure Manastone 2 Cost: -7%
Faceted Manastone 4 Cost: -15%
Pure Powerstone 1 Power: +10%
Faceted Powerstone 4 Power: +15%
Pure Strikestone 1 Critical Chance: +7%
Faceted Strikestone 2 Critical Chance: +10%
Cloud Timestone 1 Cast Time: -7%
Pure Timestone 3 Cast Time: -15%
Faceted Timestone 4 Cast Time: -20%
Stone of Regeneration 1 Regeneration: +8 for 3 turns
Cost: +15%
Stone of Slow Movement 2 Bane: Movement Points: -2
Resistance: -20 Meleeicon, -20 Elementalicon for 2 turns
Cast Time: +15%
Strikestone of the Elders 4 Critical Chance: +15%
Paralyzed/Slowed for 2 turns
Cost: +25%
The Gifts of Three 3 Cost: -10%
Cast Time: -10%
Critical Chance: +10%
Sign of Time 2 Cast Time: -10%
Critical Chance: +10%
Cost: +20%
Stone of Weakness 3 Unit power: -25% for 2 turns
Cost: +10%
Critical Chance: +10%

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