"Now, where was I, before I was interrupted by that obscene drawing on the board? Ah, yes.. Gold Dragons. Like the aforementioned Red Dragons, they arrived from another world, but adapted themselves to this one and ultimately spread out all over Ardania.

"Gold Dragons are more intelligent and better educated than the red variety. Among their species one may find plenty of philosophers, poets and brilliant scientists. For this reason it is not wise to regard Red Dragons solely as warrior-beasts, a point of view sadly but widely held by our thick-headed military.

"Yes, Perkins? Has the bell rung yet? I'm sorry, I was engrossed in the lecture. Just to remind you, the test on Hymenoptera is tomorrow. Don't be late."

(From the lecture notes of Professor Fostus the Reader)

Unit Details

Supreme flying fighter


Dragon Breath

  • Damage: 52.5 Elementalicon
  • Area of Effect: Target, plus the hex in line
  • Cooldown: 2
  • Strength: 100%
  • Rejected damage bonuses: Meleeicon
  • "Inflicts Elemental Damage to all units in range"

Base Perks

Golden Scales: Resistance: +30 Melee, +60 Missile, +20 Death Magic, +50 Elemental Magic

Life's Wrath: Damage: +50% Life Magic

Regeneration: Regeneration: +8


Can be recruited after building a Gold Dragons Nest (can only be built on special hex: "Golden Dragon Eggs").


Melee 30
Missile 60
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 20
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 50


A very good unit. It costs a lot, and you practically must colonize another world to obtain it, but it's worth it. Able even to stand against the Avatar of a god and not perish (actually proven doing a playthrough), the Gold Dragon is a formidable beast. Especially against the undead, which it just eats.

Use elite shooter units to counter this behemoth, or just swarm it.

Since Dragon Breath rejects Meleeicon damage bonuses, they are added to the regular attack of the unit twice. Add Meleeicon damage bonuses to this unit to strengthen its regular attack a lot. See Damage Calculation Guide for details.