These are the attributes you can select for your Great Mage before starting the game. Any combination of perks and spells is allowed, as long as the total cost is equal to or less than ten points. At this point you may also choose a Race.

Great Mage Perks

Cost Name Benefits
1 Treasury Start with 100 Gold
2 Mana Vault Start with 100 Mana
2 Lord of Koatls

Start with resource: Koatl village

3 Farmer Production: +20% Food
4 Magnate Production: +10 Gold per Turn
4 Trader Production +20% Gold
4 Researcher Production: +3 Research per Turn
4 Conjurer Production: +20% Mana
4 Archmage Casting speed: +20%
4 Instructor

+1 Experience per Turn for all units

4 Koatl's Training

Bonus resistance for all units:

+ 15 Melee, +15 Missile

Note: You don't see any buffs on the units.

4 Elven Relatives

Start with resource: Elven village

4 Elven Followers

Start with Elven Archers

4 Charismatic Unrest per turn: -2 UnrestSymbol
4 Archon Optimal number of cities: +2
5 Glorious Tactician Unit power: +10%
5 Academic Production: +20% Research
5 Cold Wanderer (DLC) Unit: Nicholas Frost
5 Magical Genius (DLC) Unit: Leya Inverse-Gabriev
5 He Has It All (DLC) Unit: Halfall
10 Dragon Incarnation (DLC) Unit: Tal Kalessil

Great Mage Spells

Cost Name Benefits
1 Lesser Fireball
1 Lesser Shadow Bolt
1 Lesser Weakness
1 Lesser Heal
2 Clean the Land
3 Create Artifact
3 Ice Ring
3 Firestorm
3 Basic Dispel
3 Summon Imps
6 Favor of Agrela

God's relation: +30 Agrela

Divine Spell: Agrela's Healing

6 Favor of Dauros

God's relation: +30 Dauros

Divine Spell: Holy Word

6 Favor of Helia

God's relation: +30 Helia

Divine Spell: Sunstroke

6 Favor of Krolm

God's relation: +30 Krolm

Divine Spell: Rune of Protection

6 Favor of Krypta

God's relation: +30 Krypta

Divine Spell: Heal Undead

6 Favor of Fervus

God's relation: +30 Fervus

Divine Spell: Summon Bears

6 Favor of Lunord

God's relation: +30 Lunord

Divine Spell: Moon Walk

6 Favor of Grum-Gog

God's relation: +30 Grum-Gog

Divine Spell: Summon Rats

3 Rise of the Dead (DLC) Casting time: 2.
Cost: 100 Mana.
Bane: Zombies Everywhere.
All units will resurrect as Zombies.
Act, turns: 10.
1 Shocking Staff (DLC) Casting time: 0.5
Cost: 20Mana.
Damage: +20% Elementalicon
Resistance: -30% Elementalicon
Applies a buff that adds additional elemental damage and stun to all
attacks by the target unit, but also decreases the unit's resistance to elemental magic.
Act, turns: 3.
3 Call of Suzerain (DLC) Casting time: 2.
Cost: 100 Mana.
Summons a random Lord to become available for hire at the NEXT TURN.
2 Dead World (DLC) Start the game at the world: Dead world
2 Elemental World (DLC) Start the game at the world: Elemental world