"Planestriders are a most unusual race cocktail which could only happen in these worlds. Humans, monsters and the undead of Ardania from those who once joined the last crusade of the Great King, plus the Incorporeal, aborigines of Lunar worlds, magical ethereal creatures...

As often is the case, this alliance was concluded in the face of a universal threat when Dremers began to devour worlds. But when they suddenly disappeared, it turned out that Planestriders get along well with each other, and the alliance was sealed forever. The most recognisable warriors of this alliance are those who call themselves Grey Striders. Grey Striders are the vanguard of the army of Planestriders. They tirelessly travel between worlds and are not afraid of horrible monsters, hardships and privations of marches, or even impossible weather conditions.

Just like a cat that knows it can crawl anywhere its head fits, Planestriders know they can live where Striders have passed."

(from "Chronicles of New Worlds" written by Master Vardies Teleran)

Unit Details

Common scouts


  • Herbal Knowledge: Heals: 5.4 Lifeicon Life Magic. Cooldown: 3. Restores some health to the caster.

Base Perks

  • Scout: +1 sight radius.
  • Forester: Defense bonus in forests; Bonus when attacking targets in a forest; Passable: dense.


Melee 0
Missile 0
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 0
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 0

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