"From early childhood every Honourable Svart is prepared to serve in the army, learning tactics and the strategy of war and how to wield one-handed, two-handed, and throwing hatchets, axes, halberds and hammers.

Upon coming of age, Honourable Svarts are for the first time dressed in their ancestral armour and sent to the barracks of the Guard.

Guardsmen are particularly proud of the fact that even though their equipment with heavy armour, shield and axe is somewhat outdated, this has not affected their military performance. In modern battles Honourable Warriors are dangerous and valuable, just as they were hundreds of years ago."

(from "Chronicles of New Worlds" written by Master Vardies Teleran)

Unit Details

Common fighters



Base Perks

  • Stone Heart: Resistance: +15 Meleeicon, +10 Rangedicon.
  • Basic Armour: Armored. Resistance: +20 Meleeicon, +40 Rangedicon.


Melee 35
Missile 50
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 0
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 0

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