"Arose then Jarl Erran the Strong With a cup in his hand said he: Brothers, will we but await the Day? Will this feast and drink forever be? Nay! We shall hurry the time That Krom's wrath finally falls! We shall teach the undead his strength, And their skulls shall decorate our halls!" So said he, and his housecarls roared: "We will!" - Excerpt from the saga "Of Erran, Krolm's Jarl"

Unit Details

Elite Archers.



Base Perks

  • Enrage: Bonus to attack on weakened units.
  • Advanced Armor: Resistance: +40 Melee, +60 Missile
  • Supporting Unit: Support per turn: 1
  • The Gift of Strength: Resistance: +35 Elemental Magic. Immune to banes.


Can be recruited after building a Temple to Krolm in an Undead city.


In Warlock : Master of the Arcane, this unit had worst ability. But, this unit's ability has been improved in Warlock 2 : the Exiled.

If you select Undead faction and worship Krypta, it's not bad for you to have a relationship with Krolm and use Krolm's housecarl as second-tier unit(but, it's not a good idea for you to use this unit as first-tier unit). Because Ancient Lich's attack type is death magic, Krolm's housecarl can partly make up for lich's weakpoint and support lich once per turn.

In addition, it's an Undead unit that's alive (that. is, highly resistant to Life Magic type of damage), and without the need to build a city not of your own faction with its drawbacks. Its upkeep doesn't also use Mana (but the required building itself does).


Melee 40
Missile 60
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 0
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 35

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