These are tips that appear during loading screens.

  • During the game, your Great Mage's skills can be increased. This can reduce casting times.
It's not clear what this tip is referring to though the spell Agile Mind reduces casting time.
  • The spell of unity is rumoured to be the most powerful of the arcane magics though it has never been successfully cast.
  • A unit cannot rest if there is an enemy unit on an adjacent hex.
  • A building can be constructed only if there are sufficient resources, any prerequisite buildings and an available construction site.
  • Rejecting a quest offered by a God worsens your relationship with him or her.
  • A great mage can so worsen their relationship with a Gods that the God will declare the war on the mage. (typos in original)
  • Completing divine quests can improve your relationship with that God.
  • Commencing an attack expends all of a unit's remaining movement points.
Not strictly true, the perk Frenzy allows a unit to move after attacking though not to attack a second time.
  • Settlers can found new cities in important strategic locations.

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