For this information in chart form, see: Human city development, Monster city development, Undead city development, Local resources and Temples. Courtesy of Dannie at the Paradox forums.

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Neutral Local Resources

Mercenary Sites

Resource Name Income Upkeep Build time Requirements Leads to Notes
Elvenvillage Casino +50% Gold 3 Elven Village
Elvenvillage Elven Bungalow 2 Gold 3 Elven Village Elven Bungalow Recruit Elven Archers
Elvenvillage Elven Shooting Grounds

4 Gold

1 Mana

3 Elven Bungalow, size 10 city Recruit Elven Sharpshooters
Dwarvensettlement Dwarven Forge 10 Gold 3 Dwarven Settlement (resource) Perk: Dwarven Steel
Dwarvensettlement Dwarven Settlement 2 Gold 3 Dwarven Settlement (resource) Training Course Recruit Dwarves
Dwarvensettlement Training Course 4 Gold 3 Dwarven Settlement (building), size 10 city Recruit Dwarven Overcomers
Halberdhall War University 5 Gold 3 Halberdhall Perk: Masters of War
Halberdhall Halberdiers Guild

2 Gold

1 Food

3 Halberdhall Training Arena Recruit Halberdiers
Halberdhall Training Arena 2 Gold 3 Halberdiers Guild, size 10 city Recruit Royal Guardsmen
Minotaurcaves Minotaur Labyrinth 2 Gold 3 Minotaur Caves Perk: Tried by Labyrinth
Minotaurcaves Minotaur Palace 2 Gold 3 Minotaur Caves Corrida Pen Recruit Minotaurs
Minotaurcaves Corrida Pen 4 Gold 3 Minotaur Palace, size 10 city Recruit Black Minotaurs
Donkeys Trading Post 10 Gold 3 Donkeys
Donkeys Order of Stubborn Knights

2 Gold

2 Food

3 Donkeys Recruit Stubborn Knights
Dragoneggs Red Dragons Nest 10 Gold 5 Dragon Eggs Recruit Red Dragon
Golddragoneggs Gold Dragons Nest 20 Gold 5 Gold Dragon Eggs Recruit Gold Dragon
Koatlvillage Serpentium[DLC] Gold 3 Koatl Village Perk: Water of the Snake
Koatlvillage Koatl House[DLC] 2 Gold 3 Koatl Village House of Secrets Recruit Koatl Spears
Koatlvillage House of Secrets[DLC] 4 Gold 3 Koatl House, size 6 city Breeding Grounds Recruit Koatl Hunters, Koatl Warlocks
Koatlvillage Breeding Grounds[DLC] 8 Gold 3 House of Secrets, size 10 city Recruit Giant Turtle

Raw Resources

Resource Name Income Upkeep Build time Requirements Notes
Pigs Pig Farm 6 Food 3 Pigs
Pumpkinfield Pumpkin Farm

4 Mana

4 Food

3 Pumpkin Field
Iron Foundry 1 Gold 3 Iron Perk: Masterwork Armor
Silver Silver Mine 6 Gold 3 Silver
Gold2 Gold Mine 12 Gold 3 Gold
Gems Gem Mine 20 Gold 3 Gems
Gems Jewelry Shop

4 Gold

1 Mana

3 Gems Perk: Protection Amulets
Nevril Nevril Smelter

8 Gold

2 Mana

4 Nevril Perk: Nevril Armor
Adamantium Adamantium Smelter

10 Gold

3 Mana

5 Adamantium Perk: Adamantium Armor
Magicnode Mana Pump 10 Mana 4 Gold 3 Magic Node
Magicfield Magic Testing Area

5 Mana

5 Research

5 Gold 3 Magic Fields
Ancientruins Excavations 10 Research 8 Gold 3 Ancient Ruins
InfernalRift Demonologist Workshop 12 Research

3 Gold

3 Food

3 Mana

4 Infernal Rift
Holyground Temple

+5 Mana

10 Gold 5 Holy Ground See Religion page for details

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