For Nicholas Frost, the arrival of the Dremers in Ardania and the subsequent appearance of the United One was a serious blow. The global warming that the Mages have been talking about for a long time did indeed happen, and hot times came for the head Mage of Cold... Peers of his dominion demanded decisive action: cooling volcanoes and lava lakes left by the Dremers. But Nicholas could no longer do that as he was trying to protect his borders from the United One with the last of his powers. When the situation escalated, there was only one way out. Nicholas Frost resigned as a Great Mage, left Ardania and went wandering across the worlds as a simple Lord in search of those who could give him a really cool reception.

(from "Chronicles of New Worlds" written by Master Vardies Teleren)

Unit Details

Mage Lord

Artifact Slots

1 Magic Weapon, 2 Magic Items


Frost Shield

  • Available at: Level 3
  • Range: 2
  • Cooldown: 2
  • Adds Blessing: Frost Shield (Resistances: +35 Melee, +35 Ranged, +20 Elemental, +15 Death Magic) (5 turns)
  • "Increases the target's resistance to Melee, Ranged, Elemental magic and Death magic damage."

Summon Ice Elemental

  • Available at: Level 3
  • Summons: Ice Elemental
  • Cooldown: 3
  • "Summons a unit of Ice Elementals to the selected hex."

Base Perks

  • Usual Hero: Resistance: +20 Death Magic, +20 Life Magic

Unique Perks


Melee 0
Missile 0
Life Magic 120
Death Magic 20
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 0


Good spell caster. Can be upgraded with perks to cause considerable damage to most units.

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