"Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Maximus magazine feature exclusive! -- What has made the Paladins of Grum-Gog forsake their old beliefs and become Paladins of Life? What have they lost? What have they gained in their new service to Agrela? Is it true that the Paladins of Life now live longer? Are they really worshiping another God? All this and more in tomorrow's issue of Maximus. Find out before your neighbors do!"

-A teaser from an unpublished issue of Maximus

Unit Details

Elite fighters.


Self Heal

  • Heals: 32 Lifeicon
  • Cooldown: 2
  • Strength: 200%
  • "Restores some health to the caster."

Base Perks

  • Excellent Armor: Resistance: +60 Melee, +80 Missile.
  • Poison: Damage: +50% Death magic.
  • Scout: Sight Range +1.
  • Paladin: Damage: +50% Life magic
  • The Gift of Life: Resistance: +25 Death magic, Healing this Unit: +100%


In order to build Paladins of Life one must first build a Temple to Agrela in a Goblin city. OR build Temple of Argela in other faction city then upgrade your Ratman Pirates

Upgrades from Ratman Pirates for 700 Gold.


Melee 60
Missile 80
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 25
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 0


Due to The Gift of Life perk, Paladins of Life can heal themselves to full health every 2 turns with the Self Heal ability. Buff them and throw to enemy crowd. Remember weak spots of their resistance though.