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"Rune Seers. Priestesses who have reached the highest level in creating runes and using their energies. Nothing is impossible for them."

(from "Chronicles of New Worlds" written by Master Vardies Teleran)

Unit Details

Elite magic casters


  • Lava Wodge: Damage: 31.3 Elemental. Range: 2. Cooldown: 3. Inflicts Elemental magic damage on the target and sets it on fire.
  • Water Geyser: Damage: 27.5 Elemental. Bane: Immobilisation. The target unit is slowed or even totally stopped depending on its generation level and resistance. Range: 2. Cooldown: 5. Inflicts Elemental magic damage on the target and stuns it.

Base Perks

  • Stone Heart: Resistance: +15 Meleeicon, +10 Rangedicon.
  • Rune of Earth: Resistance: +20 Meleeicon, +15 Rangedicon.
  • Rune of Fire: Resistance: +15 Elementalicon.
  • Rune of Death: Resistance: +15 Deathicon.


Melee 35
Missile 25
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 15
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 0

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