"This creature is a mere shadow of the powerful ancient dragon Vendral, but even so, this shadow is more than capable of causing the sort of mayhem that would bring a smile to Vendral's terrible face." - From "The Overall Description of Everything" by Master Alfus Bumblegate

Unit Details

Elite flying fighter. Spawns from Dragons Nest.



Base Perks

  • Spirit Flame: Damage: +50% Spirit Magic
  • Dragon Scales: Resistance: +15 Melee, +30 Missile, +50 Elemental Magic, +20 Spirit Magic


Melee 15
Missile 30
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 0
Spirit Magic 20
Elemental Magic 50


Half of its damage is Spirit Magic, which is the hardest resistance to get, also the primary attack hits more than one unit. Expect your troops to receive some damage from the Shadow of Vendral even if heavily blessed. Best countered with archers or death magic users - it doesn't have a lot of hit points for a dragon, so it will go down rather quickly.

When you first enter an Underworld, it's a high chance you'll see a swarm of these due to a long number of turns spawning. Cut them down and destroy the Dragon Nest structures so no more will appear. Also, Shadow of Vendral can occasionally go through a portal into Ardania until that Underworld is cleared.

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