By casting certain spells one after another, a Great Mage may produce additional effects. These are known as Spell Combos.

List of Spell Combos

First Spell Second Spell Effect

Perk: Armored

Lightning Bolt When cast on Armored units, Lightning Bolt causes AoE damage to the surrounding hexes. Might work under other conditions too. Casting on a unit with Advanced Armor will cause more damage than a unit with basic armor.
Ice Prison Fist of Krolm

When the Fist of Krolm is used on a frozen target, they are shattered, dealing extra damage.

Lesser Weakness;


Sunstroke When Sunstroke is cast on a unit with (lesser) weakness, the Sunstroke will deal extra damage.
Nature Regeneration Unit: Bears, Bearmen, Werewolves, Noble Werewolves, Court Werewolves When Nature Regeneration is cast on these units, the spell's effectiveness is doubled (from 15 regeneration to 30) for 3 turns (look for the Enhanced Regeneration perk).

Protection of Agrela;

Death Magic Immunity

Agrela's Healing The effectiveness of Healing is doubled.
Veil of Darkness Terror of Night Causes Terror of Night to critical hit, dealing 25 spirit damage.

Total Protection;

Shield of Dauros

Order to Dispel When a unit with "shielded" status, which is exclusive status enchanted by those two spells, cast "Order to Dispel" on the unit will cause AOE damage like Lightning Bolt's spell combo.

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