Spell Combos in Warlock 1 also apply at Warlock 2, and those requirement perks can be created from the editor.

By casting certain spells one after another, a Great Mage may produce additional effects. These are known as Spell Combos.

List of Spell Combos                       Notice:   *XXX* = *Only some units&spells&actions are listed*

First Spell

Second Spell & Units Effect & Requirements

Lightning Bolt     


*Warriors* *Veterans*


When cast on armoured units, cause AoE damage to the surrounding hexes.

Spellpower:   Lightning Bolt: 10, Aoe: 15 ; Thunderstorm: 27, Aoe: 35

*Ice Trap*

Fist of Krolm

When cast on stunned units, Fist of Krolm deals extra damage.

Spellpower:   Fist of Krolm: 16, Combo: 50   

Ice Trap

*Sea Crests*

When cast on some units like Sea Crests, Ice Trap deals extra damage.

Spellpower: Ice Trap: 9, Combo: 30
  • Requirement: Water Terrain (Target)
  • Requirement: MovementType> Flying (Target)
  • Requirement: Ice Trap

*Lesser Weakness*



When cast on weakened units, Sunstroke deals extra damage.

Spellpower: Sunstroke: 12, Combo: 25
  • Requirement: Weakened Perk (Target)
  • Requirement: Sunstroke

Nature Regeneration              



*Sart de Torvega*

When cast on some units, the spell's effectiveness is doubled for 3 turns.

Value: Nature Regeneration: 15, Combo: 30

Agrela's Greater Healing

Death Magic Immnuity

Agrela's Healing

Agrela's Mass Healing

The effectiveness of Healing is boosted.

Spellpower: Agrela's Healing: 20, Combo: 40 ; Agrela's Mass Healing: 30, Combo: 40

*Veil of Darkness*

Terror of Night

When cast on blinded units, Terror of Night deals extra damage.

Spellpower: Terror of Night: 15, Combo: 30

Total Protection

Shield of Dauros

Order to Dispel

Basic Dispel

When cast on shielded units, cause AoE damage to the surrounding hexes.

Spellpower: Order to Dispel: 0, Aoe: 20 ; Basic Dispel: 0, Aoe: 20

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