"Death comes to out world as a huge stallion, glowing with infernal light. The sound of its hooves frightens even the bravest souls, and its glance chills even the bravest heart. Arethi elves believe that the Spirit of Death carries those faithful to the truth into the land of endless joy, while those without faith are thrown into an endless abyss of pain."
(From the "Servants of truth" by High Keeper Teyaran the Rigorous)

Unit Details

Elite fighter


DeathBlow Death Blow

  • Base Damage: 28,6 Deathicon
  • Bane: Death Blow
  • Cooldown: 3
  • Strength: 110%
  • Rejected damage bonuses: None
  • "Inflicts Death magic damage to one unit, decreases the unit's resistance to Death magic and lowers their attack power."

SplinterOfDeath Splinter of Death

  • Base Damage: 13 Deathicon
  • Effect: Resurrects a destroyed unit as a friendly unit. The resurrected unit dies again in three turns.
  • Cooldown: 3
  • Strength: 50%
  • Rejected damage bonuses: None
  • "If Spirit of Death kills the target, it rises the unit from the dead to fight on Spirit's side."
  • You can kill the raised unit by throwing it at enemies and then resurrecting it with "Elemental Resurrection" spell. After that, the unit will permanently join your army (with "undead" perk, however). Use this scheme on Supreme Units to get powerful allies.

Base Perks

  • Dead Dead: Immune Death Magic. Resistance: -25 Life Magic, Cannot be healed by life magic
  • DeathIncarnate Death Incarnate: Resistance: +50 Melee, +30 Missile, +20 Elemental Magic
  • TheGiftOfDeath The Gift of Death: Resistance: +25 Elemental Magic. Immune to Death Magic


Melee 50
Missile 30
Life Magic -25
Death Magic Immune
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 45


Powerful fighter unit with good resistances. Can produce up to 1 undead unit at a time after using its primary special skill. Since all attacks are Death, it's very much useless against undead units, and quite useful against Dremers.

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