Terramorphing is a feature added in 1.4 patch. It allows player to alter landscapes via special spells. In good hands these spells are very powerful tools that can solve many economical and tactical problems.


AoE for all terramorphing spells is "target plus surrounding hexes".


Name Resulting landscape Warlock mana Warlock turns AoE
TerraBarren Make Barren land Barren 50 0.4 No
TerraFertile Fertile Lands Fertile 40 1 Yes
TerraRaise Raise the Land Height +1 20 0.8 No
TerraGreatRaise Greater Land Raising Height +1 55 1 Yes
TerraLower Lower the Land Height -1 90 2 Yes
TerraVolcano Volcano Lava
Height +3 at the epicenter
300 2 Yes
TerraClean Clean the Land Original 40 0.5 No


  • All divine spells require 25 reputation with corresponding God
  • All divine spells are AoE
God Name Resulting landscape Warlock mana Warlock turns
Krolm Krolm TerraKrolmClean Restore Ardania Original 60 1
Krypta Krypta LandsOfDeath Lands of Death Death 60 0.8
Fervus Fervus TerraFervusForest Nature Forests Forest 45 2
Lunord Lunord TerraLunorTide Lunar Tide Height -3
(any to water)
55 2
Grumgrog Grum-Gog TerraGrumgogSwamp Pestilence Swamps Swamp 50 1
Agrela Agrela TerraAgrelaLife Lands of Life Life 50 1
Dauros Dauros TerraDaurosLaw Lands of Order Icy 80 2
Helia Helia TerraHeliaDesert Desertification Desert 45 1


There are 4 height levels in the game:

  • 0 - Water
  • 1 - Plains
  • 2 - Hills
  • 3 - Mountains

Player has access to 5 height-changing spells: "Raise the Land", "Greater Land Raising", "Lower the Land", "Lunar Tide" and "Volcano".


Pay attention that:

  • You cannot lower the land to Water under buildings, same for raising the land to Mountains.
  • You can lower the land to Water under unit (he does not drown however).
  • You can destroy a local resource by lowering the land to Water or raising the land to Mountains. This works with all resources except Holy Grounds.
  • If you restore (for example with a "Clean the Land") a land that was previously raised it will be again drowned. This even destroys Dremer Gates on the tile (but not Dremer units).

Original state

When the game starts, it saves the state of all landscapes. Both type and height. There are 2 spells in the game that revert landscape to this state: "Clean the Land" and "Restore Ardania". You can also do a trick: lower the land to Water and then raise it back to Plains, resulting landscape type will be original.
So, it does not matter how many terramorphing actions you've performed on some landscape, you can always restore it's original state. You cannot restore destroyed resources, be careful.

As secondary spell effect

  • Attack spell "Dragonfire storm" also makes affected area Burned
  • Healing spell "Care of the Ancients" also makes affected area Fertile

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