Currently, Warlock has four different victory conditions (five with Armageddon DLC).


Defeat all the AI players.

  • Currently the easiest victory condition to achieve.

Holy Sites

Build cities on more than 50% of all the holy sites on all the planes of the world.

Unity Victory

Research and cast the Unity spell. To unlock the Unity spell, the player must first research all the other spells.

  • (OLD: This acts as more of a diplomatic victory, as Counterspell will make Unity effectively impossible to cast if you are at war.) This is outdated now due to patch changes. Unity can no longer be counterspelled. Instead Unity Victory is more of an economic / defensive win condition, similar to the "Build a World Wonder" victory condition in other games.


Defeat the Avatar of a god. To summon an Avatar, the player must have enough favor with one god that their rival god reaches -99 favor. After a while (which can potentially be several dozen turns) a quest will be issued to the player to kill an avatar that has spawned near their capital. If the quest is refused then favour is lost with the +100 deity, the spawned avatar becomes non-hostile (but remains a member of the monster faction), untargetable and stationary. It is unknown if the quest can be offered a second time.

  • Avatars are incredibly powerful, but can be exploited with a bug. In the current version (1.1.4), if completely surrounded they will go into defensive mode and never attack, making them easy to defeat. Plus they have 1,000 hit points (coupled with high resistances) so it does take a while...
  • The key strategy to defeat an avatar is to dish out more than 50 damage per turn, as all of them have +50 regeneration. Also, since the avatar can move freely over water, pay attention to terrain - this unit will often attack and retreat so your land troops won't be able to reach it.
  • Best to disable the Holy Sites condition if you're trying for this, as it may be difficult to get one god's favor to -100 with only half the Holy Grounds captured.

Armageddon DLC

To be able to achieve the alternative victory condition, the Armageddon DLC must be purchased and active, and the 'Armageddon' option at the start of the new game must be selected. Then, the player must fend off and finally destroy the Dremer to win.