- Defeat the Great Mages: As the name states; defeat all Rival Mages in the game (you decide yourself how many they should be in the game)

- Defeat an Avatar: Once you reached as bad relations you can with a god an Avatar of said god will spawn somewhere and punish you. It will (most likely) not appear at once. But rest assured that if you have bottom rep with a god, this very powerful creature will appear sooner or later.

- Cast the Unity Spell: With this option you will be able to research the Unity Spell at some point in the game. Once researched it can be cast (long cast time), and once the cast is complete you win. Beware! Other mages may have counterspell available!

- Capture Holy Grounds: Throughout the worlds you can find Holy Grounds. Make sure all of these lay inside your boundaries to reach victory!

- Defeat the United One: In story mode, this is your main goal. Find your way to Ardania and defeat the United One!

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