"I feel that zombies are a disgrace to the idea of pure death. In point of fact, zombies are nothing more than rotting corpses, and, as you know, putrification implies life. However, most warlords disregard this analysis, for the simple reason that zombies are useful. Like all undead creatures, they do not know pain or fear. Plus, zombies benefit from the rotting remains of flesh and muscle, making them stronger than the average skeleton." - From "Necrarium Tomeus" by Necromaster Barbaross the Deceased.

Unit Details

Advanced fighters



Base Perks

  • Dead: Immune to Death Magic. Resistance -25 Life Magic. Cannot be healed by life magic.
  • Zombie Aura: Unit power: -39%. Effect is applied to all neighboring enemy.
  • Summoned: (if summoned by Black Mage) Self-destructs unit, when the perk expires. (Counter is set to 3 turns on the turn the zombie is summoned.)  


Melee 0
Missile 0
Life Magic -25
Death Magic Immune
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 0